Slot Strategies to Help You Win

Are there really such things as slot strategies? What do you need to know? Press a button, watch the reels spin and hope for the best. Hopefully, that is not the attitude you have because you can bet your bottom dollar it is not a smart way to play slot machines.

Here are few slot strategies to give you a better chance to win:

The Pay Tables

Study the pay tables on the slot games you play, both live slots and online slots have them. It can assist you in judging the frequency in which a machine hits. If a game has a lot of combinations that hit for smaller wins, the machine will hit more often than slots with fewer winning combinations and bigger jackpots. The more often you're a winner the better.


Big bucks, big bucks, big bucks! A progressive jackpot is the most lucrative prize in the casino. The only way to win that jackpot is to play maximum coins. One of our most important slot strategies is to always play max coins on progressive machines.

Be a Winner

If Lady Luck blesses you with a modest payoff or even a small jackpot don't give it back. Set aside part of your profit, put it in a metaphorical lock box and then go on playing. 70% of all players in the casino at some point are winning, 90% of those winners lose the money, because they don't stash away some of their loot. Be the exception to the rule and you'll be a winner.

Pace Yourself

Slow down. Slot machines are fast enough. There's no prize to the person who can press the spin button the quickest. Along these lines, never play more than one game at the same time! It only benefits the casino in the long run.

Money Management

If you can't afford to lose the money you're playing with don't play. Plain and simple!

Players Card

In a land casino by all means utilize the players or slot club card. The card has the potential to earn nice rewards, like comps for hotel rooms, free meals and even cash money back. If you don't have a player's card, get one and use it.

Have Fun

Slot machines have a larger house advantage than most other games in the casino. Of course winning is grand but in the end more often than not it will cost money to play.

Remember gambling, whether live gambling or online gambling, is a form of entertainment. Follow our slot strategies, Enjoy and Good Luck!

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