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Slots Fun - posted on the 25th September 2013

Oh what fun these games are and the absolutely fantastic thing about slots is that there are just so many online games to choose from as all you more popular online gaming software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, WagerWorks and Rival offer you the most outstanding games, whose themes are current and whose graphics are just superb.

Slot games come in many forms. Your most basic form of slot game is the 3 reel slot game that offers either 1, 2 or 3 payout line. These games are always referred to as the more classic games, as these games are the ones that mimic the original slot games that were first presented to players as fruit machines around 1887.

Since then things have changed, and technology has advanced to such an extent that we now have slot games that not only offer 5 reels but they have anything from 5,8,15 payout lines right up to 50 or more payout lines.

These more advanced games will offer extras such as Bonus games where you will be rewarded handsomely should you get three or more of a specific icon on specific reels. There are also free spins which are earned in the same way and some games will even offer you free spin within free spins. Then there are multipliers, scatter symbols and wild symbols that all help you to win as much as possible within each game that offers these extras.

Progressive Jackpot slots are also very popular as here you get the chance to win substantial amounts of money. These slots just increase in value every single time someone plays and will carry on increasing until there is a winner whereupon the balance will then be reset to zero.

Slot tournaments have recently become quite a novelty and more and more slot enthusiasts are now taking part in these tournaments. What happens at the beginning of the tournament is that each player is allocated a certain amount of credits and given a certain time frame to play in. The player who has the most credits at the this allotted time will be deemed the winner and will walk away with the cash prize.

Slots are fun, they are exciting, they are fast and they are certainly lucrative if you get the right combination of symbols on one line.

Slots in an Online Casino - posted on the 8th January 2010

Online Casino’s have become incredibly popular due to the accessibility that they offer slot players. Here no matter where you are, or what you are doing, as long as you have a computer, a laptop or notebook, a iPad, a tablet or a Smartphone, you will have access to some of your favourite slot games.

Online Casinos offer you a myriad of choices when it comes to slot games with themes that truly range from the popular and current movies that are being are being viewed at that particular time right down to sport themes, animated character themes or current event themes.

Some online casinos even go so far as only offering slot games as the variety that can be offered, plus the quantity of games that are available are so vast that it would be a considerable feat to exhaust your playing pleasure.

Games offered here range from the classic 3 reel slot game with one payout line right up to the popular 5 reel, with multiple payout lines that also offer you extras such as wild and scatter symbols and bonus and free games where you can accumulate extra credits as you play. These more sophisticated games take you on a journey that, although is all based on the basic principles of slot games, take you a bit further into the game itself and does not purely rely on getting the correct symbols on one particular line as the more classic slot games offer.

At any online casino, a real money account has to be opened and funded before playing for money can commence. Once this has been done, each game has a minimum betting amount and a maximum betting amount. The minimum betting amount is great for those that play for the love of the game and are not overly concerned about winning the jackpot, and the maximum betting amount are specifically designed for those who not only love the game, but love to win and win big.

Online Slot games are truly a huge source of entertainment to those who enjoy their slots, and the absolutely beauty about playing online is that no matter what time of day or night you wish to play, there will always be a myriad of casinos that you can visit from the comfort of your own home.

The Basic story behind Slots - posted 7th January 2010

Slot games started way back in the 1870’s when the nickel-in-the-slot machines were first developed, but it was only in 1894, when Charles Fey was hired by the California Electric Company in San Francisco, did the more sophisticated machine, based on the nickel-in-the-slot emerge.

Two years later in 1896, Charles Fey had left the California Electric Company, moved to Berkley, opened a slot manufacturing factory on San Francisco’s Market Street and developed the classic 3 reel slot with one payout line very similar to the slot machine we know today. His first prototype, the Liberty Bell slot machine, was developed in a cast iron cabinet which were placed on counters, and these cabinets were then hired out on a 50% rental basis.

Interestingly enough, these slot machines accepted coins when it came to playing the games, but should a player win, candy, gum and coupons which could be redeemed for cigars were dispensed as the government at the time, ruled that these slot machines fell under the anti-gambling laws and hence could not reward players with cash incentives. It is during this time that the saying “close but no cigar” originated.

Many changes have taken place between the time of the Liberty Bell Slot Machine and todays slot games. Now, we have a choice of either playing slot games at any of the land based casinos that are scattered around the world to online casinos that are available at a click of a button from your computer, laptop, iPhone, tablet or smatphone, with one significant difference, the candy, the tokens and the gum are gone and cash is back in.

Slot games now offer you a multitude of games. Individual themes, some with outstanding animation, are now offered in each slot game, and although the basic 3 reel slot game with its one payout line can still be found in an casino, slot games have progressed and now offer players 5 reel games with multiple payout lines, Jackpot games, Progressive games, bonus games, free spins, scatter and wild symbols and just so much more.

Different Types of Slots and Bonuses - Postd 14th January 2010

Slots games, be in at a land based casino or an online casino offer you such a huge variety, that it would truly be impossible to ignore or exhaust if you are a slot fanatic.

The classic slot, straight slot or Single Line Slots is the most basic form offered in slot games. Here you have 3 reels with one payout line. This means that the symbol nominated by the slot machine has to appear on a specific line for any payouts to take place.

Multi Line Slots were designed and developed from the 3 reel slot. Because the original slot games were so popular, developers came up with a slot game that was slightly more entertaining as it not only added an extra two reel to make it a 5 reel slot, but they also offer multiple payout lines as well. This means that on one spin, you will have much more than one chance to win.

Bonus Slots, Free Spins and Progressive Slots were then added to create even more excitement. Bonus slots work by offering the player an extra game which could either be games such as the Wheel of Fortune or pick-a-box when a certain combination of symbols are hit. Once the bonus game is over, the player gets taken back to the slot game and games will proceed with no bearing to this bonus feature.

Free Spins are triggered very much in the same way as Bonus Slots. A certain configuration of symbols is presented which will then automatically open up the Free Spin feature. In these Free Spin rounds, the reels are spun and any money that is accumulated is the players to keep.

Progressive Slots are most probably the most frequented slots to date as here the opportunity of winning monies to the value of millions and millions can be won. In Online Casinos Progressive Slots are slots that are shared across all online casinos that use the same software. That means that every single time a player plays a progressive slot game, the amount increases until such time as the jackpot is won when the counter will be set back to zero. In land based casinos the same principle applies, except it is singled out to the amount that is being accumulated on a specific Progressive Slot machine.


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